Genius IS Musical!

Supporting music learning is giving kids a gift for the rest of their lives. — Anita Collins

 Did you know that babies are born musical?  There was a experiment conducted for newborn babies  who are only 1-3 days old, they were put into fMRI machines so neuroscientists could monitor their brain functions as mothers spoke to them. The neuroscientists saw that the babies were using their music processing networks to understand their mother’s voices.  They were hearing music in their mother’s voices.  So this, helped what many neuroscientists had been thinking for a while – that music and language processing are closely connected, and indeed, at birth, we are musical.

Also, another studies show that children who took musical education before the age of seven had around about 7.5 IQ point higher than those are not.  If you say IQ 100 is average, and IQ130 is entry to Mensa, 7.5 points is over 20%. 

So what does music study do for your child?  What is the benefit of developing their brain like a musician’s? How does music education wires your children’s brain from non-musical children?  The music education works in three areas of brain at once: the motor, visual and auditory cortices.  It is a full brain work out.  Among many things, the neuroscientists found that musicians had a larger corpus callous across the two hemisphere of the brain, which enables messages to travel much quickly in very creative pathways.  They found that musicians had higher levels of executive function.   Even further, they’ve found that music education helps us be comfortable with discomfort.  When they learn new music, they are using their brains and bodies to do something they have never done before.  So music education helps be comfortable in that state.  It helps us feel comfortable with learning.

Also, neuroscientists found that musicians had very highly developed memory systems in their brain. When the musicians makes a memory, they actually put tags against it – an emotional tag, a visual tag, a conceptual tag, a contextual tag.  Overall, they found that music education raises the general cognitive capacity of anyone who undertakes it. Please do not miss this opportunity and make a choice for them now.  

  • Improve cognitive function 
  • Help memory systems work 
  • Help us to learn language 
  • Help us to moderate our emotional states
  • Help us to solve complex problems 

Something you could give to your child to enjoy for their entire life…