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Monthly installments for 16 lessons (5 installments required)

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Lesson time

Private, one-on-one lessons for your child with Ms. Mayu.

The Fall semester will start from August 8.  Private lessons are MON, TUE, WED. Thursdays are for the group lessons.  The tuition provides 16 private lessons per semester plus 12 group lessons. Group lessons are encouraged but optional.  The payment can be made by semester or monthly. The lesson fee includes a recital in the end of the semester, where private and group ensemble will be showcased.  


Please choose the lesson duration: 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes.

30mins- Kindergarten and younger 

45 mins - Suzuki book 1,2,3

60 mins - Suzuki Book 4, Allstate Level